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Jon Sasser grew up on a Union County farm, and learned to practice law on Park Avenue. He represents businesses, often Fortune 500 companies, in complex corporate disputes. He was honored in 2015 as North Carolina’s foremost business litigator by Business North Carolina Magazine. Since 2013, he has been voted by his peers as one of Super Lawyers’ top three attorneys in North Carolina. 

In recent months, he has cross-examined Verizon’s founding CEO in a $1.8 billion federal trial, convinced a state judge to declare a statute unconstitutional, won a treble damages jury verdict, and successfully argued to cancel a lis pendens on a $50 million commercial property.

While trying multi-week jury trials and arguing numerous appeals in federal and state court, he has obtained for his clients a $57 million verdict for corporate espionage (North Carolina's largest verdict of 2008), injunctions under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a leading decision under the Electronic Communications and Privacy Act, a ruling overturning the election of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff, a North Carolina precedent restricting who may sue for contamination, a $275,000 settlement for a 64-year-old woman banished from public property for alleged "dirty dancing," a $2.5 million jury verdict in a single-family drinking water case, a reversal of a death sentence, a $500,000 contempt citation against a New York Times bureau chief, and a federal decision allowing the Ten Commandments to be displayed in a courtroom.

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