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Lawyer Recruiting

What qualities set apart our firm’s attorneys?

Client service.

Exceptional client service requires an intentional focus on understanding client objectives and expectations — and then working hard to meet both. We look for candidates who share that focus.

Careful and creative thinking.

We seek attorneys who have achieved superior academic results and have demonstrated intellectual curiosity. These traits are the backbone of providing client value.


We work in teams, and every member of the team takes personal responsibility for its success. We value the contributions of every member of the team — from the most senior to the most junior — and treat every team member with the same respect. We look closely for candidates who have succeeded in team environments. 


Our clients come to us with their hardest cases and problems. We stand ready to help solve those problems. This requires innovative thinking and an outlook that rejects the fear of failure. For this reason, we desire candidates with a proven record of taking on and overcoming, great challenges. 


Our lawyers lead and do so by example. Leaders are good listeners; they are not afraid to raise new ideas; seek new opportunities, and practice humility. We look for candidates who have demonstrated these skills.

What can an attorney who joins Ellis & Winters expect?

A client-centered culture.

Our firm, like all firms, would not exist but for our clients. New attorneys should expect to dedicate substantial time getting to know our clients, their objectives, and their expectations. Our associate attorneys also receive individualized guidance about how to meet and to build relationships with new clients.

Meaningful responsibility.

Our associate attorneys play central roles in our cases. As a result, they quickly obtain substantial experience in all facets of litigation — including depositions, brief writing, motion practice, and trial work. Our firm rewards attorneys who take ownership of cases and of their practice.

Professional development.

Our attorneys have an innate desire to provide counseling at the highest level. We seek new challenges, new matters, and new clients. Through this culture, our attorneys improve their own abilities on a daily basis. New attorneys should be prepared to embrace this culture and experience the significant professional and personal growth that comes with it.

A wide spectrum of work.

New attorneys should expect to work on all stripes of complex litigation. Indeed, exposure to practice across subject matters and areas of the law is a defining feature of our approach to associate development. This spectrum includes pro bono matters.


At Ellis & Winters, associates work directly with partners on every case; for this reason, experiential learning, with partner mentorship, rests at the firm’s foundation. The firm also has a formal mentoring program in which every associate is mentored by a partner assigned only to that associate.

Community involvement.

Our attorneys are involved in the legal community and in the communities in which they live, work, and play. We encourage our attorneys to take leadership roles, and we support them when they do so.


Our colleagues are our friends. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company.