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September 8, 2006 in News by

E&W case is lead story in Triangle Business Journal

Jonathan D. Sasser thumbnail photo

Jonathan D. Sasser

Jonathan D. Sasser was quoted in a Triangle Business Journal front-page article about a $40 million dispute between EW client Sony Ericsson and Continental AG. In April 2006, Continental AG acquired a Motorola division that had contracted to buy mobile telecommunications parts from Sony Ericsson. Continental AG contends that the parts, which Motorola installed in BMW automobiles, were defective.

Sasser stated: “They claim the products they have purchased were defective, except they want us to continue manufacturing more.” Sasser equated Motorola’s misuse of the product to turn off a computer: “You can yank the plug off the wall, or you can power it down correctly,” said Sasser. “They were yanking the plug off the wall.”