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Randi Collerette Recently Appointed to the Paralegal Certification Committee

Ellis Winters

Ellis & Winters

Randi Collerette is a paralegal in our firm’s Real Estate group. She was recently appointed to the Paralegal Certification Committee as one if its eight members consisting of local attorneys and paralegals. The committee gathered at the North Carolina State Bar in Raleigh on Friday, March 15th and Saturday, March 16th to revise the NC Paralegal Certification Exam. The creation of the certified paralegal examination consists of each member in the group being assigned personal topic area(s) based on their expertise to develop questions. Each member assigns a source and domain from the approved NC Bar Association list to each of their respective questions.

The committee then deliberates to pinpoint sources used to reconstruct any questions and answers if needed. A psychometrician will then analyze their results to ensure the effectiveness of the test. The committee and the psychometrician are required to follow specific guidelines when creating the exam. The goal is to create a concrete exam that includes a variety of topics that adhere to certain courses that are approved in classes and institutions across the state. The committee also created a study guide for test takers which consists of a brief outline of questions and topic areas that may be covered on the exam.

Randi is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Paralegal Certification from Meredith College’s American Bar Association Approved Paralegal Program. She is a paralegal in the firm’s Raleigh office with almost a decade of experience in the industry.

March 19, 2024
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