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Tom Segars and Jamie Weiss Appear on Courtroom Sciences Podcast

Ellis & Winters trial attorneys and partners Tom Segars and Jamie Weiss joined Dr. Bill Kanasky on his Litigation Psychology Podcast recently to discuss some recommendations of best practices for large cases.  Tom and Jamie shared their thoughts on the importance of early discussions with witnesses to build rapport and trust during the deposition preparation process.  Next, Jamie touched on the challenges around dealing with “smoking gun” bad documents and how to encourage individuals to take ownership of mistakes.

They switched gears to discuss the importance of executing mock trials appropriately and effectively, particularly as it relates to challenges faced during the pandemic.  Lastly, they discussed the pros and cons of virtual depositions and predict that the continuation of virtual interfacing will save time and money.


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March 4, 2021 Thomas H. Segars James M. Weiss
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