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Attorney: Thomas H. Segars

July 2, 2024 Thomas H. Segars

When Self-Help is Decidedly Unhelpful

Nothing good ever happens when someone tells you that they don’t “give a damn what the judge says . . . I can do whatever I want.”  A recent Court of Appeals decision, Myers v. Broome-Edwards, illustrates this point. The Facts: A Tenant Is Kicked To the Curb Myers involved […]

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September 27, 2023 Steven A. Scoggan Thomas H. Segars
Posted in  Other 75-1.1 Issues

Section 75-1.1 Liability for Self-Dealing

Today’s post examines two recent decisions from the North Carolina Business Court, Vanguard Pai Lung, LLC v. Moody and Langley v. Autocraft, Inc. These decisions implicate two related exemptions from section 75-1.1 liability for intra-enterprise operations and conduct occurring in the employer-employee relationship. The intra-enterprise exemption, rooted in the statute’s […]

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September 6, 2023 Thomas H. Segars
Posted in  Misrepresentations Other 75-1.1 Issues

Don’t Mess With Texas: One Californian’s Confusion About Hot Sauce

Have you purchased tickets for a Tennessee Williams play—assuming that you were going to enjoy a distinctly “Tennessee” theater experience—only to learn that Tennessee Williams was born in Mississippi? Were you crestfallen to find out that your Canadian bacon didn’t come from Canada at all? If so, you may have […]

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November 8, 2022 Thomas H. Segars
Posted in  Direct Unfairness Per Se Violations

If It Weren’t for Bad Luck . . . Another Lesson on the Intersection of Section 75-1.1 and Insurance Law

Today’s post examines a recent decision from the Middle District of North Carolina on the intersection of section 75-1.1 claims and insurance law.  As explained in more detail below, Martin v. Nautilus Insurance Co. illustrates how courts approach section 75-1.1 claims made in the context of insurance and offers lessons […]

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