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Ellis Winters

Ellis & Winters

People often ask us how to stay on top of this field. (We know that they’re implying the phrase “besides reading your blog.”)

We read a lot of different types of material, as you can imagine. But as for blogs, here are some that we monitor and find especially useful:

  • Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(b)log: Professor Tushnet’s blog regularly discusses state “deceptive trade practices” claims, especially deception claims by putative classes of consumers.
  • Consumer Law and Policy Blog: This blog, edited by law professors and others, covers a wide variety of consumer-oriented topics. It includes good coverage of developments in the federal consumer protection agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • NC Business Litigation Report: The North Carolina Business Court decides many important cases under section 75-1.1. This blog stays on the pulse of the Business Court’s decisions and related developments.
  • Carolinas Class Action Blog: Many “unfair trade practices” claims are filed as proposed class actions. This new blog discusses developments in class action law, with a focus on North and South Carolina.
  • NC Appellate Practice Blog: This blog focuses on appellate practice in North Carolina, especially issues of appellate procedure.
  • Mark Herrmann’s columns on Above the Law: Mark is a former partner at Jones Day who is now a senior in-house lawyer at AON. He posts his columns every Monday morning like clockwork. These columns are a cornucopia of good advice for business litigators—indeed, for any lawyer who serves business clients.

Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

We hasten to add that we don’t always agree with what’s written on these blogs. Also, this list of blogs omits other useful non-blog websites, such as the North Carolina Business Court’s own website:

Readers, how about you? Please note your favorites in the comments.

April 8, 2014
Posted in  Other 75-1.1 Issues Overview and Orientation