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Attorney: Michelle A. Liguori

January 26, 2024 Christopher Flurry Michelle A. Liguori
Posted in  Issue Classes

Revisiting Issue-Class Certification: Medical Transport Plaintiffs Drive Disagreement in D.C.’s Federal Courts; Could Supreme Court Be Next Destination?

Could issue-class certification soon be headed to the Supreme Court? In late December, a D.C. medical transportation company defending a wage and hour class action asked our nation’s highest court to take another look at a D.C. Circuit opinion weighing in on an issue-class certification order. Here, paying homage to […]

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May 30, 2023 Andrew Parks Carter Michelle A. Liguori
Posted in  Class Certification Daubert and Admissibility at Class Certification Pick-Off Exception Standing

Recent Fourth Circuit Class-Certification Decisions Shed Light on Mootness, Standing, and Evidentiary Burden at Class Certification

Over the past year, the Fourth Circuit has issued three decisions on class certification—all of which either affirmed certification or reversed and remanded to the district court to rule on certification. The opinions show the Fourth Circuit applying key principles in class-action practice, including mootness and the relation-back exception, standing […]

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March 17, 2022 Michelle A. Liguori
Posted in  Case Updates

D.C. Circuit Un-rings Dismissal Bell on Shutdown-Era Class Actions Seeking Tuition Refunds, but Signals Tough Examinations Ahead

Two years ago, universities around the world paused in-person classes and quickly transitioned to online learning in response to government shutdown orders, and to protect students, faculty, and staff from the potentially deadly effects of contracting COVID-19. The quick switch allowed students to obtain course credit and remain on track […]

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