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Best in Class Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

Ellis Winters

Ellis & Winters

Just about a year ago, Ellis & Winters LLP launched its Best in Class Blog. So, we are declaring today, October 7, as the Blog’s official one-year anniversary.

Even before launching the Blog, the firm recognized the perilous and complicated path that class-action litigation can bring to any company. So, we took as a mission to review recent class-action appellate decisions and bring to you, our readers, accessible lessons-learned and insights, to help us all navigate that journey.

We’ve changed a lot since we set out on that mission. We’ve grown as a firm, and our Blog team has grown, too. We now have a team of ten attorneys regularly contributing to our Blog. A few of us are brand new to Ellis & Winters. Members of our team have been selected for the ABA’s National Class Actions Faculty, been published by the Wake Forest Law Review, and recognized as Client Service All-Stars. We’ve grown; we’ve been busy; we’ve even empowered kids through golf.

Our coverage of class actions is as diverse as our roster. We’ve donned our explorer’s fedora to expose hidden hazards in class action defense, braved the pane-ful choices in distinguishing CAFA’s exceptions and requirements, and reeled in one of our largest audiences with our analysis of the Ninth Circuit’s “Tuna Case.” We also provided a mid-2022 recap of class action litigation in the Fourth Circuit and just recently offered a refreshing look at Rule 23(f).

We thought this year in review would be an excellent opportunity to share some interesting statistics. Here’ s some of what we’ve learned about you, our readers:

  • We’ve grown from just 13 to more than 500 subscribers since we started.
  • From August through September, our readers most frequently identified as “lawyers” and “in-house counsel.”
  • While most of our readers are in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve had readers join us from as far away as Austria, Ireland, and India.

As we move into our second year with the Best in Class Blog, we’d love to hear more from you. What topics would you like to see? Are there any recurring features you’d find valuable? Do you have any interest in joining our team for a guest post?

Let us know your thoughts on social media, or by reaching out to our team members directly.

We are thankful to you for joining us over the past year. We hope you’ll agree we’ve seen success in achieving our mission so far. We look forward to learning and sharing with you over the year to follow—with hopes of more to come.

**Ellis & Winters’s Best in Class Blog covers developments in class actions in courts across the United States, providing insights about their application to class-action practice that reach a global audience.**

October 7, 2022