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Attorney: Kelly Margolis Dagger

July 16, 2015 Kelly Margolis Dagger
Posted in  News

The Supreme Court Addresses Scope of Section 11 Liability for Statements of Opinion

Kelly Margolis Dagger By Kelly Margolis Dagger Consider the following two statements: “The company’s business practices are legal.” “We believe the company’s business practices are legal.” From an investor’s perspective, do both statements have the same meaning? The United States Supreme Court thinks not. The former expresses a fact, the latter an opinion. […]

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February 9, 2015 Kelly Margolis Dagger
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Recent Appellate Decisions Reshape the Landscape of Arbitration Law

Kelly Margolis Dagger Stephen D. Feldman By Stephen Feldman & Kelly Margolis Dagger I. Introduction For in-house counsel who drafts and enforce arbitration agreements, trying to keep up with the fast-moving landscape of arbitration law is a significant challenge. Over the last several years, the United States Supreme Court has issued three major decisions […]

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October 20, 2014 Kelly Margolis Dagger
Posted in  General

Kelly Margolis Dagger Elected to NCBA Appellate Practice Section Council

Kelly Margolis Dagger Ellis & Winters is pleased to announce that Kelly Margolis Dagger has been elected to the North Carolina Bar Association Appellate Practice Section Council. Ms. Dagger will serve a three-year term beginning in July of 2015.  About Kelly Margolis Dagger Ms. Dagger focuses her practice on commercial litigation, appeals, and criminal defense. She […]

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